Why Choose Our Pizza?

We are pizza innovators! We also believe our brand should always come first, and since we do not have a brand to compete against, we are deeply dedicated to setting the bar high. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to safety and quality.


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Nora Phillips April 1, 2022
"Excellent service. Great pizza and knots."
Melissa Ramos February 9, 2022
"Best pizza ever. Super flavorful cooked to perfection."
Mary Love March 4, 2021
"Oh my goodness, their garlic knots are WONDERFUL!"
Gunnar Voss February 21, 2021
"The best cheese pizza in town. Make sure to order their basic cheese pizza! Also the blonde delivery driver is my favorite. Followed by the scruffy fellow in the hat."
socki coffee February 4, 2021
"Great pizza"
Denise Bowker December 26, 2020
"A must go to when I'm in town"