Why Choose Our Pizza?

We are pizza innovators! We also believe our brand should always come first, and since we do not have a brand to compete against, we are deeply dedicated to setting the bar high. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to safety and quality.


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Cynthia Fish January 26, 2019
"I love this place! There are so many options for knots, from sweet to savory. I recommend the everything knots with the dressing, so good! Pizza is good too, but I have trouble eating the pizza after all the delicious knots!"
Tony DeVos January 22, 2019
"The Very Best Selection of all the pizza places in Valpo!!!!?"
Corrine Kopchinski January 18, 2019
"Awesome food!!"
Trisha B December 27, 2018
"Best pizza! Wonderful service, great family atmosphere. Love it!"
Michelle Gaines December 21, 2018
"Great Cheese and Basil pizza"
Catherine McKay December 11, 2018
"Employees were overly polite... Pizza was good. Breadsticks were awesome :)"