Pizza Catering & Delivery in Valparaiso, IN

If you are looking for pizza catering or delivery in or near Valparaiso, IN, we’ve got you covered here at Uncle Menny’s Original Greek’s Pizzeria.

June 2024 Specials

Sandwich: Kid At Heart

Munster, Mozzarella and American Cheese with Fresh Basil on Sourdough Bread served with a side of our Classic Red Sauce

Knotz: Life & Lemons

Knotz covered in Lemon, Butter, Graham Cracker and Powdered Sugar served with a side of Cream Cheese Frosting

Pizza: Fully Loaded

Our Hand Tossed Crust topped with Garlic Butter, Sour Cream, Mild Cheddar Cheese Dip, Red Potato, Ham, Bacon, Green Onion, Red Onion, Fresh Jalapeño and cover with more Cheddar Cheese

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We also offer delivery, including no-contact delivery, which means you can place an order with limited personal interaction. We’ll deliver anywhere you’d like us to!
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