Why Choose Our Pizza?

We are pizza innovators! We also believe our brand should always come first, and since we do not have a brand to compete against, we are deeply dedicated to setting the bar high. We always hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to safety and quality.


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Jeff Snyder April 21, 2018
"There are a few arcade games and a pin ball game in back. Nice pizzeria type decor, table clothes, lighting. They have recently updated their menu with better combinations of ingredients. Good beer selection too. Watch them make pizzas as you walk by the kitchen."
Christy Breitenbach March 23, 2018
"Excellent as always"
Catherine Pierce March 19, 2018
"A Valparaíso LEGEND!! always add an extra order of garlic knots and a Greek salad!"
Madewell Media March 13, 2018
"We love this pizza, sauce isn't too sweet and they cut all of the vegetables there within hours of them going on the pies. The garlic knots are pretty killer. Very cozy vibes and you can see into the kitchen, which is cool. They were doing that long before it was hip."
BF Bangkok March 9, 2018
"Great local pizza!! And the knots!!"
T C January 14, 2018
"Great food and great customer service! They do it right!!"